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PCASS undertakes training programmes in Marketing, Entrepreneurial Management, Business Administration and Management, Purchasing, Finance, Banking, Accounting, Public Administration, Production Management, Computer training and Human Resource Management e.t.c.

Every Programme at PCASS seeks to enable her student, graduate, partners and clients to achieve their aspirations through making high quality education available when, where and how professionals need and want them. We welcome imaginative student/scholars who seek challenges and inspirations and we are here to to help them and accomplish their goals.

PCASS was established with the goal of raising future leaders and educating outstanding African business leaders who are ready to tackle the challenges of dynamic and rapidly changing business world.

Note: POMA College of Arts and Social Sciences (PCASS) is not a degree awarding institution and does not run any type of degree programmes in Nigeria. PCASS only runs membership programmes and vocational/entrepreneurship skills acqusation programmes.


Program Offer
Course Duration – Diploma:- 4 Semesters
Bachelor:- 8 Semesters
Master:- 3 Semesters
PhD:- 6 Semesters
Departments under the college:- Political Science, Economic, Public Administration and Management, Pubic Relation, Psychology, Sociology, English Language, Mass Communication, International Relation and Diplomacy, French Language, Theology, Agricultural Economics, Economics and Statistic, Politics and Diplomacy

Motivational talks from the Provost
 I Sincerely welcome and appreciate all our prospectively student be it part time or full time to the most vibrant college of our esteemed institution Poma University, whose vision statement of educational attainment across national boundaries typifies, what abound for every prospective student who seek world class and excellent education certification.

Poma University boast of vastly experienced facilitator, who are authority in their area of specialization or core competence. Poma University is the institution to be if one desire first class service delivery interms of qualitative education or specialized training and conducive ambiance for imparting knowledge.

Many of the college’s programmes are broad-based. In the midst of diverse socio-economic challenges of our time, the programmes of the college remain highly relevant and indispensable for sustainable development. The programmes help students to develop a firm foundation in analytical thinking to be able to interpret signs of the times.

Lastly, I implore all our prospective students to avail themselves this opportunity so as to get world class educational training and certification.

To producer well articulated –informed global citizens that are well equipped with analytical creative, critical communicative problem –solving skills and a broadened view of the human experience through the study of the arts and social sciences. The aim is to promoting cultural sustainability, social justice, equity, equality, national cohesion and excellence in character and learning.

The college seeks to be known for innovativeness in its providing high quality programmes, promptness in service delivery and relevant in research all of which are geared toward promoting capacity building and lifelong learning for the benefit of the community it serves and for the West African sub region.
Available Facilities in the various departments under the college.
The various departments under this college are endowed with resourceful lecturer whose experience span over at least an average of five years in research and training overseas in their area of specialization.
It is important to state that we boast of well stocked library and computer laboratory for student use because of research purposes just like in any world class institution. One of the basic conditions for research is availability of materials or journal for research. Hence the reason for the well stocked library and computer laboratory.
The college also boast of visiting professors from other institution so as to benefit from an array or various lecturer from within and outside which makes Poma university particularly this college a must for every prospective student.                             
Guarantee of acquiring the best international quantitative education:
Poma University as affiliate with some of the best international academic and management organization in the world. These include accreditation from international board of quality standard republic of Dominica; international academic and management association India e.tc. The implication of this recognition by some of these bodies is that every prospective student is assured or guaranteed the best of quality and diverse education in term of facilitators spread across the globe.
A. classroom based (b) full time (c) part time (d) distance learning  (e) E- Learning or on line
The benefits of studying under the college of arts and social science are enormous and highlighted below:
(a) The curriculum of this college is structured to meet both the national and international standard of quality education. The courses offered by various department under this college are structured such that it meets current trend in the global community of nation. Hence there is assurance of satisfaction for money expended.
(b) There is also well structured ambiance for conducive learning. it is a matter of policy by Poma university authority particularly college of arts and social sciences to provide well ventilated lecture for all our students.
 (c) The college boast of a friendly atmosphere between students and lecturers so as to  promote seem less partnership that will endear friendship and not  rancor in the college.
(1) Prof. Taiwo Oluwatoyin, Prof. Babalola, Dr. Eko Olalekan, Dr. Ojuri Isaac, Dr. Oke Adewale S., Dr. Oladiji Olayemi, Mr. Aderoju Dada, Mr. Kolawole Gbolahan, Mr. Segun Dada, Mr. Fagbemi Kazeem, Mr. Shda Olafenwa, Mr. Akiode Kazeem, Mr. John
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Dr. Oke Sunday Adewale
College of Arts and Social Science
Director of Part-time and Distance Learning Programme


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